Camera - Network Camera FTP Event Setup

Summary: The instructions below are for the setup of an event such as motion detection or digital IO trigger to transfer an image snapshot or series of image snapshot from the camera to an ftp server. The setup can be performed either locally on the LAN or transferred to a remote ftp across the WAN.


  1. Login to the web interface of the Camera via browser
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Click on Event from the menu on the left
  4. Select FTP/Email
  5. Enter the parameters for the FTP server either local address or remote WAN address
  6. Click "Apply" just under the FTP setup section of the web interface
  7. Select "Time Schedule" from the menu on the left
  8. Select "Enable" and the interval and number of image you would like to transfer to the FTP server
  9. Select "FTP" on the "Event Action Setup"
  10. Select either "Always" and "Apply at the bottom of the page or setup a schedule for when the events are transferred to the FTP server ( Always remember to hit apply at the bottom of the page or section for which you are making a configuration)
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