SPC-7000 Factory Default

SPC-7000 Factory Default

 First Download the files listed at the bottom of this article. 

- Download the,, and to a folder on your computer. 

- Download this free program 7-zip from this link and install:

- Highlight all three files an extract using 7-zip program. 

- Create a folder BIST and put the contents extracted in that folder

  1.    Copy BIST File

 - Copy attached file to USB memory stick

  1. Execute BIST

 - Insert USB stick into SPC-7000 and turn on SPC-7000

 - Check “BIST FOR SPC7000” message in LCD screen

  1. Execute Factory Default Command

 - Set PC IP address to 192.168.1.XXX

 - Execute following command in PC web browser

- URL :

- Check “OK” message in PC web browser

  1. Reboot

- Reboot SPC-7000

  • This command initializes all configuration values such as registered devices, users and password.
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