WAVE: Email Notification

WAVE provides the ability to dynamically creates and sends email notifications to different users based on specific events. 

An email server must be configured for the System to be able to send emails. Wisenet WAVE can automatically provide server settings for certain email carriers, in which case you can enter just basic information using the simple entry form. If your email carrier is not recognized (warning message "No preset found. Use 'Advanced' option"), you will need to enter the required settings manually using the Advanced entry form.

How to Configure Outgoing Email Settings?

  • Navigate to the Main Menu, then select System administration.
  • Switch to Email tab, and enable the Advance setting

1. Check off the Advance settings

2. Input the email address and the SMTP Server address; then input the credential of the e-mail.

3. It's recommended to choose TLS as a secure connection. It has more advanced encryption than SSL.

4. Choose AUTO as the port #; if the test fails manual select port 587 for TLS connection.

5. Lastly, hit TEST to confirm the configuration for e-mail notification will be successful.

6. It's optional to edit the System Signature and the Support Signature.


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