A WAVE System is made up of two or more servers running the WAVE Server Application. They either have the option to added and viewed separately or they may be merged to view and manage all servers.


Expand a System by Adding a New Server:

This is the typical way users expand systems and is usually done when a System is built or expanded.

  • Install the WAVE Media Server on the computer hardware you will be using for the new server.
  • During installation make sure to use the same System Name (e.g. demo_main) and System Password.
  • Servers must be able to see each other - either on a LAN or WAN.
  • If your newly installed Server is on the same network as your existing System it will appear in the Resource Panel immediately.


Expand a System by Merging an Existing Server or System:

Merging a system is useful in situations where one more WAVE Systems is running on a single network and/or where Servers were installed with mismatched System Names or passwords. 

  • Select the Main Menu button and choose Merge Systems.
  • Enter the Server address with port and password for the existing System you wish to merge. For example 
  • Press the Check button to confirm connectivity to the System you are attempting to merge/merge with.
  • Choose which System name and Password should remain once the merge is complete.
  • Once the System is successfully merged you will see all merged Systems/Devices now available in the Resource Panel.


A huge advantage of merging Wave servers is that it will grant you to create a FAILOVER SYSTEM. This is critical for locations to have no faults or loss of data. When a server is offline, Failover will automatically add the device from the offline server to the other merged servers. 

Here is an article to set up a FAILOVER SYSTEM.





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