WAVE: Export to Executable

The WAVE Desktop Executable is a portable and lightweight version of the WAVE Desktop Application used to play exported video from WAVE.  

When the Export to Executable function is utilized, any video exported from WAVE will be viewable from any Windows platform PC without having to install the full WAVE desktop client application.  

A full overview of exporting video in Wisenet WAVE can be viewed here.

Exporting video to Executable in WAVE:

  1. Select the camera and navigate to the event you would like to export.
  2. Hovering your mouse over the selection, right click and choose "Export Video..." to enter the unified video exporting dialog window.

  3. Choose to export a single camera or a multi-video export by selecting either tab from the unified video export dialog.
  4. Once any filters or other video export options have been applied, select the file type as "*.exe" to embed the standalone WAVE player and click "Export" to begin.
  5. The export may be halted prior to completion by clicking "Stop Export" during the process.
  6. Once the export has been completed, the export completion dialog will appear.


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