WAVE: Image Enhancement

The WAVE Image Enhancement feature gives users the ability to automatically enhance images and videos (live or recorded) being displayed in the WAVE Desktop Client.


Image Enhancement allows users to modify the Gamma, Black Level, and White Level of an image or video in real-time to improve image quality without modifying the original stream or still image. 


Using Image Enhancement in Desktop Client:

  • Click on the Image Enhancement Icon on the upper right hand side of the Viewing Cell containing the image or video you'd like to enhance. 


Configuring Custom Image Enhancement Profiles:

  • Users can adjust image enhancement settings on each viewing cell. 
  • To adjust, right-click on the Viewing Cell you would like to enhance and choose Image Enhancement.
  • The Image Enhancement dialog will appear for this camera. Adjust the Gamma, Black Level, and White Level sliders to your preference and click OK.


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