WAVE: Integrate and Configure an LDAP Server

Integrating WAVE with an OpenLDAP or Active Directory system allows WAVE administrators to quickly integrate WAVE with an organization's existing user rights management platform. Using the LDAP feature in WAVE, it allows WAVE Administrators to:

  • Link an existing LDAP-based system to WAVE
  • Fetch users from existing LDAP system in WAVE
  • Assign access rights to LDAP users in WAVE
  • Use existing LDAP user passwords to log in to WAVE

Setting up LDAP Integration in WAVE

Follow the steps below to setup integration between an LDAP database and WAVE.

Step 1: Open the User Management Dialog.

  1. Click on the main menu button and choose System Administration.
  2. In the System Administration dialog and choose Users.

Step 2: Configure LDAP Settings

  1. Click on the LDAP Settings to launch the LDAP Settings dialog.
  2. Fill in the Server URL, Admin DN, Password, Search Base, and Search Filter for your LDAP server.  If you are unsure how to fill in this information, talk to your LDAP system administrator for assistance.
  3. To check if your settings are correct and you are able to establish a connection to the targeted LDAP server, press the Test button. If the test is completed successfully you will see a note that says Test completed successfully: ## users found
  4. Once you have successfully tested the connection press OK

Step 3: Fetch Users from LDAP

  1. Click on the Fetch Users from LDAP button to import users from the newly connected LDAP server.
  2. In the Fetch Users from LDAP dialog, select the users you would like to import by checking the box. If you are connecting to a large LDAP database, you can search for the individual user by typing in the filter search bar.
  3. Once you have selected all targeted users, press the Import Users

Step 4: Enable and define rights for new Users.

  1. You should now see all newly imported users from the LDAP database in the User Management dialog. Before a user can begin using WAVE, they must be enabled. Users imported by LDAP are not automatically enabled in WAVE. 
  2. To enable a newly imported LDAP user, press the edit icon next to the targeted user you would like to modify (it looks like a pencil) and open the User Settings dialog.
  3. In the User Settings dialog, check the Enabled checkbox and configure the user's Access Rights
  4. Press OK.
  5. Confirm that the user has check marks next to both LDAP and Enabled in the User Management Dialog.
  6. Press OK.
  7. Newly imported and enabled users can now log in to WAVE using their standard username and password from the LDAP system.


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