WAVE: Preview Search

Preview Search allows WAVE users to search through large periods of time quickly to zero in on a specific event by slicing up specific event along with Smart Motion Search. Preview Search can greatly reduce the amount of time involved in searching for an archived video event. 


To Use Preview Search

  1. Select the Camera(s) or Layouts you would like to execute the Preview Search.
  2. Select the time period you would like to run the Preview Search on. To do this, you can Right-click on the Timeline and choose Mark Selection Start and Mark Selection End. Or, Right-click on the Timeline and drag to select a time period.
  3. Once you've selected the time period you'd like to search right-click on that time period and choose Preview Search.
  4. The time period you have chosen will automatically be divided into equal time periods and the video will be displayed in a new Layout with thumbnails for each time period.
  5. Click on a Thumbnail and you'll notice that the Timeline is highlighted to show the corresponding archive period to the selected Preview Thumbnail. 
  6. Users can continue to split Preview Thumbnails into smaller discrete time periods as needed by right-clicking on the target thumbnail and choosing Preview Search until the targeted video segment/event is located. The smallest time period that the Preview Search will return thumbnails for is 10 seconds.


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