WAVE: Using WAVE's Flex Timeline

WAVE's Flex Timeline is a powerful, simple way to navigate through live and archived footage.


Navigating the Flex Timeline

Using the Flex Timeline is simple and intuitive. The Flex Timeline is located in the Timeline Panel at the bottom of the WAVE Client application.  The position slider shows the time currently being displayed on the Viewing Grid.


Dragging and Zooming
If a single item (IP camera or video file) is selected moving the Flex Timeline will affect only the selected item. If multiple items are selected moving the position slider will affect all selected items.

The time scale of the Flex Timeline can be zoomed in or out to show larger or smaller periods of time by using a mouse scroll button or the +/- buttons on the Flex Timeline itself.


Thumbnails can be hidden or shown in multiple ways. To display thumbnails simply click on the Thumb button on the right side of the Timeline. Users can also simply click on the top of the timeline and drag upwards to display and adjust the size of the thumbnails being displayed. The shorter the height of the timeline the more thumbnails will appear.


Calendar Search
Using the Calendar Search feature will also affect the time being shown on the timeline. For example if you choose a specific date the timeline will adapt instantly to show only that day's archived video. If you choose a range of dates then the timeline will contract or expand to show the selected date range. 


Playback Speeds
Using the controls on the left side of the Timeline users can adjust playback speeds up to 16x normal speeds with both fast-forward and fast-backwards buttons. 


Understanding the Timeline Colors
The Flex Timeline shows all recorded/archived video in green and motion video in red. The last 60 seconds will show a green/black striped pattern - this video is currently being stored in the RAM of the connected server and will not be available for viewing until it has been written to the server's hard drive - which occurs approximately once every minute.


Adjusting Timeline Time Zone Settings

The Timeline can be set to reflect your client machine or server-machine time zones. In the case of a remote connection (from London to California, for example) you may want to see the times of the remote machine while reviewing video. If you have centralized control of sites globally across multiple timezones you may, on the other hand, want to view video from all sites according to your local time zone. Either options is available for users.


To Modify the Timeline Settings: 

  1. Click on the Main Menu button and select Local Settings.
  2. In the Look and Feel Tab you can change the Timeline mode to Server Time (the Timeline will show the time according to the time zone the server resides in) or Client Time (the Timeline will show times according to the time zone of the operator's client machine.)


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