WAVE: Zoom Windows

Zoom Windows is a feature that allows users to select rectangular sections of any image or video (a Cell) displayed in the Viewing Grid. The selected rectangular sections are then displayed in a new Cell on the Viewing Grid.

  • Users can create any number of Zoom Windows on a single cell.
  • On standard videos and images Zoom Windows will result in the selected segment being displayed as a separate Cell with a zoomed in view of the selected Zoom Window.
  • On Fisheye cameras Zoom Windows will result in a dewarped view of the selected area.
  • In instances where there are multiple cameras on a single Layout Zoom Windows can be dragged across camera views.


To Use Zoom Windows

  • Press the Zoom Window Icon on any Cell to activate the Zoom Windows feature.
  • Draw a Zoom Window by left-clicking and dragging.
  • To resize a Zoom Window users can select an edge of the Zoom Window.
  • To disable Zoom Windows users should close the resulting Cell from a Zoom Window.


See Zoom Windows in action here.

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