WAVE: Server Information

WAVE provides a simple and convenient way to check every single WAVE Server information through Server's Web Interface.


Accessing the Server Information Page?

  1. Open the browser. WAVE now supports  Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE, and Edge.
    2. Enter the following address: http://<WAVEServerIp>:<port>
    3. Login the WAVE Web Client with your username and password. 
    4. Click the Information Tab on the top tool bar.


What can be seen in Server Information?

  1. Health Monitoring
  • CPU Load
  • Memory Usage (RAM)
  • Hard disk partitions usage (sda and sdb in this case)
  • Network Interfaces Usage


  1. Storage List
  • The storage location list on the server which is connecting
  • If you want to check another server, please change the IP address.
  1. WAVE Log
  • The real-time WAVE Server log.
  • It is able to the display the log in a new window for more lines.


  1. MISC
  • Server list
  • Server IP address
  • WAVE Version
  • Server Platform (OS)


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