Wisenet WAVE - Launch WAVE Client on Startup (Linux)

On Ubuntu 14.04.03-LTS or later, you can use the built-in tool - Startup Application.

You can easily find it by searching for the keyword, “start app” from the menu. 


1. First, you open the tool, Startup Application.

2. You will see the application dialog, click Add button, which is located on the right side of the dialog.

3. Enter the path and command, /opt/Hanwha/client/(WAVE VERSION)/bin/applauncher
(make sure to change the path according to the version of WAVE that is installed)



#4. Click Save, then you will see the new item in the list. Please make sure it is checked.


#5. Restart the server. Then you will see the client is opened after reboot.





NON-GUI Approach

For the advanced user, you can add an autostart script via command line. (Ubuntu14.04 LTS)

To launch the client when login, similar to the GUI solution, we can manually add a *.desktop file to ~/.config/autostart


  1. Login the system with your account via SSH.
  2. Change directory to /home/{$your account name}/.config/autostart
  3. If you don't have this folder, just use #mkdir to create.
  4. Create a new file called, WAVEclient.desktop
  5. Edit the file with the following content: 

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/opt/Hanwha/client/{$WAVE Version Number}/bin/applauncher
Name=WAVE Client
Comment=WAVE Client

     6.  Save it and reboot the system.


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