WAVE: How secure is WAVE?


WAVE utilizes the following technology to ensure the security of all avenues of possible illicit behavior from an outside aggressor:


  • OpenSSL for network connections
    • By default, we disabled deprecated and insecure protocols and use only TLS v1+. The Transport Layer Security protocol aims primarily to provide privacy and data integrity between two communicating computer applications.
      • Server -> Client (Mobile, Desktop, Web) Communications- HTTPS
        HTTPS is used by default for all connections.
      • Email - TLS / SSL
        TLS is the default option for the Email Server. 
    • Salted/Hashed Passwords
      • Local Credentials (e.g. local user accounts) are protected using a salted MD5 hash
      • WAVE Sync Credentials (e.g. WAVE Sync user account) use a complex multi-level hash
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