WAVE: Server API

The WAVE Server API provides a standard set of API calls for 3rd party systems. Using the Server API developers have the ability to access nearly every feature available in the system's thick client, including - but not limited to - the ability to query/manage system resources (servers, cameras, users), manage users and permissions, pull live or recorded video out of the system, generate events, create rules, control PTZ cameras, and more.


How to use WAVE Server API?

In general, the developers should develop some program, and write pieces of code to complete some function they want to have. WAVE provides the documents to help the developers correctly using these API to interact with WAVE Media Server. Also, all the parameters and expected return are listed.

The APIs are all under RESTFUL standard, so the developers are able to simply interact with WAVE Media Server via HTTP by POST or GET request. No matter which programming languages you are using, you can always retrieve the data and integrate your system with WAVE.


To help our users to get involving WAVE, we provide a simple tool for you to try the API and make the return data readable.

You just need to open your web browser, and access our web interface, and enter the API trial page. The URL is,
http://<WAVE Server IP Address>:<Port>/static/index.html#/debug.
For example:

In the web page, you will need to enter the API path, Request Type, and your parameters. Then Click the button: “Test Method". You will see the result and test it with only one mouse click.

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