WAVE: Disk Reserved Space

By default WAVE reserves free space for every single local disks and network shared drives. 
WAVE Server will start recycling the oldest footage as soon as free space of the disk is less than assigned reserved space.


Typical size of reserved space

  • 10 ~ 30 GB for each local drives, 50 ~ 100 GB at each NAS on a WAVE Server.
    *But not greater than 10% of a drive total size in both cases.


Changing the size of reserved space

Some users may need to change the size of reserved space because of some user's requirements and need to keep larger space for longer retention days. In WAVE, this can be configured via the following steps:

  1. Open your Web browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari is recommended)
  2. Enter the URL: http://{WAVEServerIpAddress}:{port}/static/index.html#/advanced
  3. Login with your admin account, and navigate to the Storage section.
  4. You will see all the storage on this server.
  5. You can change the value to meet your use case. (But it shall never be 0 GB).
  6. Click Save.

* You can change the IP address to access other servers in the same WAVE then repeat the steps above. Then all the server in your system will have customized reserved space.



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