WAVE: System Overview

WAVE is an IP Video Management System (VMS) - a software platform for IP video surveillance applications that detects, streams, records, and analyzes live video from connected IP video devices (IP cameras) and networked video sources.


Every WAVE System is made up of one or more of the following WAVE applications:

  • WAVE Server- responsible for managing connected system devices, users, and system configuration. Systems must contain at least one - and often contain many - instances of the WAVE Server application.
  • WAVE Desktop Client- A thick client that runs on Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and macOS that allows users to connect to, view live and recorded video, and manage WAVE system configurations.
  • WAVE Web Interface- The WAVE Web Interface is a browser-based UI for connecting to the WAVE Media Server. It requires no installation and provides basic system configuration, Developer Tools, links to support and mobile apps, and a Web Client for viewing live and recorded video from the system.
  • WAVE Mobile Clients- available on Apple iOS and Google Android devices the WAVE Mobile Clients are rich clients for iOS and Android mobile computing devices that allow users to view live or recorded video from their WAVE system.


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