WAVE: Overview of WAVE Software Package

The WAVE IP Video Management software platform has a client-server architecture which consists of the WAVE Client and the WAVE Media Server.


WAVE Client Features

  • Login and connect to the WAVE system.
  • Detect available WAVE servers.
  • View live or recorded video or images.
  • Configure connected video streams
    (fps, image settings, recording schedule, etc)
  • Upgrade (one-click) all software components in a system.
  • Export and share recorded video from one or many cameras.
  • Cross-platform support with clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.


WAVE Media Server Features

  • Automatic detection of supported IP video cameras and other system servers.
  • Configuration of IP video recording devices
    (fps, image settings, recording schedule, etc)
  • Synchronization with other servers in a system to form a server hive.
  • Management of IP video traffic via LAN or WAN.
  • Automatic failover in case of server failure.
  • Health Monitoring of the computer hardware the WAVE server is installed upon


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