Why is WAVE Better?

1) Unleash the FULL capabilities of Wisenet Cameras.
WAVE is built to fully enable Wisenet Camera features and provide purest Hanwha experience to our customers. Our innovative features in X series cameras such as Sound Classification can be fully utilized in WAVE. 

2) WAVE is built with the latest technology available.
WAVE is built with the latest in cross-platform coding technology (QT) allowing WAVE to develop and deploy features on any OS rapidly. 

3) WAVE has one-click system-wide updates.
WAVE lets users update their entire system with a single click of a button saving thousands of dollars in man-hour costs. Welcome to the future.

4) WAVE is an incredibly lightweight application.
WAVE software is incredibly lightweight. The WAVE Edge server package can be installed on ARM® devices (like the Raspberry Pi) (Please inquire your sales for ARM support).

5) WAVE has a server-hive architecture.
WAVE has a server-hive architecture built with SQLite. All WAVE servers synchronize in real-time across LAN or WAN connections. 

6) WAVE uses adaptive streaming and decoding technology.
WAVE has adaptive streaming and decoding technology built-right-in reducing CPU usage and bandwidth at every stage.

7) WAVE has built-in Automatic Camera Failover.
WAVE includes automatic camera failover - for free. An enterprise-level feature enabled by our revolutionary server-hive architecture. 

8) WAVE has an embedded Developer Toolkit
WAVE is completely open. Users can develop their own plugins to 3rd party systems or integrate any video source they desire using the WAVE Developer Tools. Best of all, the WAVE Developer Toolkit is included in every installation of WAVE.

9) The revolutionary WAVE Flexible Grid User Interface
The WAVE flexible grid user interface (UI) is unlike anything else on the market today. Users can create and save an unlimited amount of custom layouts.

10) WAVE includes free upgrades - forever.
Best of all WAVE upgrades are free forever. That's right - users who purchase WAVE never have to pay another penny for future versions.


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