WAVE: Adding a NAS in Ubuntu Linux via NFS

WAVE supports storing video locally or via NAS (Network Attached Storage) arrays. An easy way to continually expand a Server's storage capacity is to add NAS devices as storage locations


Mounting a NAS in Ubuntu via NFS:

  1. Use Terminal command sudo apt-get install nfs-commonto install the NFS server
    • For this setup guide we'll assume you have configured a shared folder via samba at your NAS in the /shared location.
  2. In your root folder create a destination folder using the cd /and sudo mkdir some_folder_namecommands while in Terminal.
  3. Connect the shared NAS folder to the destination folder using Terminal command sudo mount <NAS_address>:/shared /some_folder_name replacing <NAS_address> in the command line above with yourNAS's IP address or url.
  4. Make sure the NAS reconnects if your Ubuntu machine restarts with Terminal command sudo nano /etc/fstab
  5. Add a line to the launched file: <NAS_adress>:/shared /some_shared_folder nfs rsize=8192, wsize=8192, timeo=14, intr
  6. Save the file and execute Terminal command sudo mount -a
  7. If NAS connection has been successfully configured your NAS device can be seen in the list of devices shown with Terminal command df -h


If your NAS is uses authentication for folder access please read the fstab and NFS manuals to find additional authentication parameters for fstab input. 


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