WAVE: Expanding Storage with NAS Devices via SAMBA

Add a NAS (w/SAMBA) to your WAVE Server:

  1. Make sure that the NAS you are attempting to connect to has samba installed and configured on the NAS device. 
    • Note! Trashboxes/trash bins/recycle bins must be disabled as a part of configuration step. WAVE Server starts overwriting when the "Reserved Space" limit is reached. In order to do that it sends standard SMB-delete requests to the NAS drive. If recycle bin is enabled NAS will put files to the bin instead. Server won't get necessary space sending new delete commands instead -- eventually it will end up with full drive and inability to record any data until the recycle bin is emptied.
  2. Right-click on the targeted Server in the Resource Panel and select Server Setting.
  3. Click Add external Storage.
  4. In the Add External Storage dialog input the path/url to the Samba-shared directory.
    • For example: \\NAS_DEVICE\smb_dir
  5. Input login credentials if needed.
  6. Press OK to apply changes.


Remove a SAMBA enabled NAS Device from an WAVE Server:

  1. Right-click url to NAS device in the list.
  2. Click Remove Storage
  3. Press OK to apply changes
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