WAVE: Routing Management

There may be customized network configurations that required some networking routing settings. For instance, the WAVE Server may have multiple IP addresses (Both public and private) and it may be necessary to allow or block the traffic flow on the specific subnet.


How does Routing Management work?

Initially, WAVE tries to discover all available IP addresses of servers (including public and private ones). For instance, WAVE Server can have the Public IP address and is connected to the Internet via 100 Mbit network and another NIC with local IP address (1Gbit). Then routing management will help to direct the public flow and private traffic to the NIC accordingly.


Adding Routing Rules:


  • Modify the routing table:
    This option needs you to enter the routing rules and insert the entry into the routing table via command line. We will suggest you to ask your MIS to help you. This option directly changes the routing table and touch the basic network layer of OS.


  • Via WAVE:
    1. Navigate to Main Menu then System Administration(CTRL+ALT+A).
    2. Switch to Routing Management tab.
    3. On the left, you can see the server-list,  then click on the server you want to configure.
    4. Click Add and type the URL like http://<ip>:<port>
    5. If you want to block the traffic on a specific NIC, simply turn off the switch(In gray).
    6. Click OK.


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