WAVE: Server Time Synchronization

Time Synchronization is an important function in an IP Video Management System. In WAVE, we provide the function of Time Synchronization to coordinate independent clocks in different WAVE systems and make sure that all the system timestamps are the same.


Online Time Synchronization 

If the WAVE can access the public Internet, then WAVE will use a combination of publicly available Time servers (such as Google, Microsoft,, etc) to synchronize a system's time multiple times each minute if necessary. This standard time will be pushed to all the servers in the system, so the WAVE system will always have the same system timestamp.


Offline Time Synchronization (WAVE Systems in a secured LAN).

If the WAVE is deployed in a private network which is not able to access public Internet, WAVE allows users to assign a single server in the system to act as the local time server. While using offline synchronization, it is recommended that the selected server should ideally align its OS time to a local time server.


Configuring Time Synchronization:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu button, select System Administration then Time Synchronization.
  2. If you are using the Online option, then you don't need to do any change.
  3. If you are using Offline option, you shall select one of the servers in the list.


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