WAVE: Camera Optimization

One of the things that WAVE does to simplify the user experience is to optimize compatible cameras. Allowing WAVE to optimize cameras is recommended for most systems.


Allow WAVE to optimize System Cameras:

During installation, users are given the option to "Allow system to optimize devices settings".

With this setting enabled, cameras that are discovered into the system for the first time will be set by WAVE to their maximum stream settings in terms of resolution and frame rate.  Otherwise, the discovered camera's settings will remain as established prior to the system discovery.

If a customer has an existing system and wants to simply replace his existing software and keep his cameras' existing configurations, he would choose not to check the "Allow system to optimize devices settings" checkbox during installation.

The "Allow system to optimize devices settings" checkbox is also available post-installation in the System Administration dialog (see below) and can be unchecked at any time.


Expert Settings Tab: a device-specific approach.

Alternatively, if a user does not enable the "Allow system to optimize devices settings” feature during installation and then later on wants to adjust the camera to stream at a lower resolution, he can use the Expert Settings tab in the Camera Settings dialog to "Keep camera streams' and profiles' settings." This allows the user to configure the camera using a camera configuration tool or from the camera's web page.



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