WAVE: Add a Bookmark in WAVE

A Bookmark in Wave is a method of highlighting a segment of video for later recall and contain the following information:

  • Start/End Time
  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags


Bookmarks can be created manually in the Desktop Client or can be generated as an Action in the Events & Rules engine.

To Manually Create a Bookmark:

  1. Right click on the Timeline and highlight the video segment you would like to Bookmark
  2. Choose Add Bookmark
  3. Input the name, description, and tags for the bookmark
  4. Press enter

To Generate Bookmarks via Rules:

  1. Set up a rule for the target camera or device which will be used to trigger the Bookmark
  2. Make sure to choose the Duration of the Bookmark and to add tags for fast search later

To View & Search Bookmarks:

  1. Search- press CTRL + B to see a full list of Bookmarks in the System and search by keyword
  2. View- press the Bookmark icon in the lower right-hand side of the Timeline. Bookmarks will be highlighted blue on the timeline


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