WAVE: Quick GUI troubleshooting guide

UI Components of WAVE Client are accessible but any attempts to login are dropped.

Most likely it's the side effect of some antivirus or anti-malware blocking the interaction between the WAVE Client and WAVE Media Servers. They're communicating via a proprietary protocol that is usually considered to be suspicious by most of the antivirus programs. Try to add WAVE software to the "allowed" list of your antivirus.

If it doesn't help try to disable/uninstall those programs.


UI components are missing or client is closed right after start with "drivers not found" error.

If you see a missing notification bar, a resource tree or a login dialog, it's most likely because your video adapter doesn't meet the software requirements. 

  • The minimal requirement is that video adapter should support OpenGL2.1.

To check which version you have now, just go here. Download and install OpenGL viewer for your platform. Run it and it should create a report to get the version.
If you see that you match minimal requirements, first, try to update your video driver.

  • !Note! Please use official website of your video adapter's manufacturer, not embedded windows update mechanism. 


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