WAVE: Adding Items to Layouts

More than one item can be added to a layout simultaneously regardless of their source (live cameras, local video, images, etc.).

WAVE allows up to 24 items to be displayed on clients running on a 32 bit OS and 64 items on a 64 bit operating system.


To add item(s) to a layout, select from one of the following:

  • Double-click on the item in Resource Tree
  • Select Open from Context Menu in Resource Tree.
  • Multiple items can be selected and added (Ctrl + Shift and select the desired items).
  • Drag and drop from Resource Tree
  • Ctrl + drag and drop items onto a scene to duplicate. To avoid duplication, release Ctrl and hit Esc while holding left mouse button.
  • Hold Ctrl or use a mouse to select multiple items on scene. To select all items, use Ctrl + A. 
  • Open local file(s) or folder from Content Menu to add files to layout.

New items will automatically occupy all available space. The aspect ratio of grid cells will automatically adjust to aspect ratio of an existing item to occupy the space.

To open items directly from a new tab:

  • Select desired item(s) from Resource Tree and select Open in a new tab from Context Menu
  • Drag the selected item(s) from Resource Tree and drop them to Tab Navigator
  • Ctrl + drag and drop items from scene to Tab Navigator (Multi-Selection can be applied). To prevent duplication, release Ctrl and hit Esc while holding left mouse button. 

How to configure a layout using search:

  1. Create a new layout. 
  2. Enter any three consecutive characters into the search box. The results will appear automatically.
  3. By adding or deleting keywords from the search box, the items on scene will adjust.
  4. Save the configured layout if desired


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