WAVE: Keyword Search

The WAVE Keyword Search feature is a fast and an easy way to search for live or recorded videos or image files in WAVE by returning the results for all device names, vendors, models, local file names, Mac Addresses or IP addresses based on the keywords entered in the search. 


To Use Keyword Search

  1. Navigate to the Resource Panel on the left side of your Desktop Client.
  2. Click on Search- located at the top right of the Resource Panel.
  3. Begin typing keywords.
  4. Search results will be shown instantly in the current Layout shown in the Desktop Client. To show Search results in a new tab, first, start and open a new tab. 
    • Live search will return a maximum of 24 results in 32 bit operating systems and 64 results in 64 bit operating systems.
    • Searches can also be applied or filtered by type - Any, Video Files, Image Files, or Live Cameras.
    • To combine search criteria, add to add the new criteria. For example, PTZ + Hanwha will return results for all files, images, or live video feeds containing PTZ or Hanwha in the file description.
    • To exclude search terms place a in front of the applicable search term.  For example, Example, Hanwha \PTZ will return search results for all cameras containing Hanwha excluding any with PTZ in the name. 
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