WAVE: Web Browsing in WAVE's Desktop Client

WAVE now integrates web browsing in WAVE Desktop client. It allows users to insert a web page into a view cell and share the web page with the other users in the same system. 

Now users can integrate any web services into WAVE Client, also, put the user interface of any 3rd party software into WAVE client. No need jump in and out anymore, WAVE client is the first entry and the platform to all your security system now.


Using Web Browsing in Desktop Client:

  1. Navigate to the resource panel and find the node - Web Pages
  2. Right click on the node and select New Web page.
  3. Enter the URL and the Name, then click OK.
  4. Users will see the pages displayed on the panel, then users can drag the page and drop on Main window.
  5. On the viewing cell, there is a refresh button on the left-top, and information button on the right-top.
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