WAVE: Web Admin Settings

WAVE provides a simple and convenient way to configure both a single WAVE Server information and WAVE settings through Server's Web Interface. 


How to access the Web Admin settings?

  1. Open the browser. WAVE now supports  Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE, and Edge.
  2. Enter the following address: http://<WAVEServerIp>:<port>
  3. Login the WAVE Web Client with your username and password. 
  4. Click the Settings Tab on the top tool bar.


What can be done in Web Admin settings?

  1. Server
  • Port Number
  • Reset the server (Restore to default state)
  • Detach the server from current system
  • Restart the server (Media Server process restart)
  • Change the admin password


  1. System
  • Change System Name
  • Merged System
  • Connect/Disconnect WAVE Sync


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