WAVE API: Video Footage Export

WAVE Media Server allows users to export video using the HTTP-GET method. 

In the API documentation, users can find a section called "Direct download" which describes how to download certain piece of the archive. 

Note! The archive piece must exist. I.e. if there's no recording for that time you won't get anything.

A Fragment of a camera archive to download is identified by camera's id, start time position and duration. Fragments can be downloaded in mpeg-2/ts (.ts) or Matroska (.mkv) format. No trans-coding is performed. 

The URL to request is:


Note! Here's a link to guide to find camera id.

Example of URL:"2017-07-13T00:00:00"&duration=100

Note! Fragment piece's date and time should be specified according to the Media Server's Local Time.

"pos" parameter can also take a string containing time in milliseconds since epoch(Unix time)."1499904000000"&duration=100


P.S. Users can get a list of all existing archive pieces for certain camera with a request (identified by duration and start position):



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