WAVE: Server Logs

WAVE Server Logs keep a record of all Server transactions in basic text form. In order to speed up and simplify troubleshooting processes, you might be asked to provide us with Server Logs. 

How to find the Server Log:

Gathering Server Logs is slightly different on different Operating Systems. Follow the steps below for your OS.


Find the Log via the following paths:

  • Windows Standard Path:C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Hanwha\WAVE Media Server\log”           
  • Linux Standard Path:/opt/hanwha/mediaserver/var/log/


Sending the Server Log to Support:

  1. Copy and save the “log” folder preferred directory. 
  2. Zip the log folder into a .zip file. Logs can be maximum 100MB.
  3. Coordinate with our support team to provide the log file (e.g. Teamviewer, attachment, etc).
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