WAVE: Advanced PTZ

WAVE's Advanced PTZ feature allows Advanced PTZ supported cameras to pan or tilt to specific locations with a single mouse click or gesture.  

Please see the list of cameras which currently support Advanced PTZ functions below: 


- All Hanwha X series and P series PTZ cameras

- Acti KCM8111
- Canon VB-H-41
- Canon VB-S30D
- Digital Watchdog DWC-MPTZ20X
- Digital Watchdog DWC-MPZ20XFM
- Digital Watchdog DWC-MPTZ5X
- Eneo PXD-2030PTZ1080
- Sony SNC-RH124
- Sony SNC-WR630
- Sony SNC-EP580
- Vista VK2-1080XVRDPTZ
- Vista VK2-1080XVRDPTZF
- Vista VK2-1080XPTZ
- Vista VK2-1080XPTZF
- Vista VK2-1080XIRPTZF
- Vivotek SD83X3
- Vivotek SD8362
- Vivotek SD8363E
- Win4NET Clebo-PD2

- Please find more models here:


If you would like a specific camera or series to support this feature, please contact us at


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