WAVE: Storage Management

The WAVE Server application detects and analyzes available storage during the setup process. WAVE will utilize all drives in a system which fit special conditions. Drive will be considered as suitable for recording in case if it at not less than 10 times smaller than the largest drive attached to server.
So for example if user has 10 TB NAS registered at some server all other drives with total space less than 1 TB will automatically become unavailable for recording at this particular server. Server does it for the sake of correct write ratio calculation and overall system stability.

External storage drives can also be assigned via the WAVE client. Storage options include local storage to the HDDs available on the server computer, Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and Network-Attached Storage (NAS).


  • IP Video camera streams are detected and captured by the WAVE Media Server and stored in RAM.
  • The WAVE Server writes captured IP video in RAM to available storage (internal hard drives, DAS, or NAS) once per minute..
  • All suitable drives are written concurrently and according to a ratio the system calculates for their size. So, for example, if a single server has multiple sized hard drives WAVE will fill up each hard drive at the same rate to ensure that no single drive's system bus gets overloaded.
  • WAVE keeps some free space at every drive so that performance is not affected. You can find details about WAVE reserved space here: KB Article: WAVE Disk Reserved Space
  • When a drive is full WAVE will then begin to overwrite non-locked video starting with the earliest (oldest) video on the server across all drives. Thus solid timeline is guaranteed.
  • User cannot manually modify the archive(delete/add/etc.) using WAVE Software


How is hard disk failure managed?

If a single drive in a multiple drive system fails the WAVE system will do the following:

  • continue writing to all available drives
  • create a notification in the notifications panel that a hard drive failure has occurred
  • rebuild the archive index after the Media Server is restarted


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