WAVE: Connecting remotely

If you want to access your WAVE System via anywhere in the world, you will have to let the system be available to the Internet. To configure the system, there are two options that can be chosen


Traditional port forwarding


You will need to use TCP port to port forward your router or change the firewall settings from your Media Server to the public Internet. 
By default, WAVE uses port 7001. If you want your server to be connected to the Internet remotely, you should forward the port 7001.


WAVE Sync 

WAVE Sync is a new approach to reach and maintain the systems without the necessity to struggle with router settings to forward ports.

WAVE Sync requires both Media Server and Client to be able to reach some ports of main WAVE Sync Portal. I.e. firewall must allow outgoing TCP and UDP connections from your server PC to WAVE Sync ports. You will need to configure your firewall policy to pass the ports - 

- 80 -- conventional http port. 
- 443 -- conventional https port. 
- 3345 -- WAVE Sync Service port. 

If you'd like to learn more about WAVE Sync, please check here.

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