WAVE: Unable to Merge Servers

The following are possible reasons why you may have issues merging existing WAVE servers into a single system:

Network Configuration

  • IP address : You used the wrong IP address when merging the system. 
    In the merge dialog, you should type the address of the server will be added into current system. The URL should be similar to http://{ServerIpAddress}:<port number>
  • Port number : By default, WAVE uses #7001. If you have changed it, you need to use the port number you configured before. 
  • Firewall : Please check your network security policy. If you are in a strict or limited access network, make sure if the port is blocked.


System Configuration

  • Username : It should be the account "admin".
  • Password : Check if you use the correct password to run the merging process. 
  • Software Version : Merged server should always installed the same version of WAVE.


Special Case : ServerGUID is the same

  • In some special cases, for example, some customers configure/deploy the server by HDD cloning or image copying. In this situation, the GUID will be identical, it will cause some problems on server merging.



Possible Solutions

Network Configuration

  • You can use the dropdown menu at the merging dialog instead of manually typing.WAVE will help to discovery other systems in the same subnet.(LAN)
  • Check with you network administrators, if they block the port you are using.
  • If your servers locate at private network, and would like to merge a server which is connected by internet, please make sure your port forwarding rules are configured well.


System Configuration

  • Username and Password : "admin" is required.  You can use the connectivity test at the desktop client to verify the password.
  • All the servers which will be merged together should always installed the same version of WAVE. If the software version is different, please update to the same version first.


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