WAVE: Hardware ID (HWID) and License Details

The HARDWARE ID is a unique 34-digit identifier generated when the WAVE Media Server is installed on a Windows, Ubuntu Linux, or ARM device. The HARDWARE ID is based on a combination of software and hardware of the computing device upon which WAVE is installed.


The following items are used to generate a unique HARDWARE ID for each computer upon which WAVE is installed:

  • BIOS
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Network Card (NIC)


After installing WAVE on a server, any modification in the software or hardware items above will result in a change of HARDWARE ID and an invalidation of licenses attached to that device.


Locating your Hardware ID:

1. Launch the WAVE Desktop Client.

2. Go to System Administration 

3. Select the License Tab



4. Highlight a License installed on Your Target Server.

5. Select a license attached to the server for which you want to see the HARDWARE ID and License Details.

6. Choose the "Details" button.

7. You should now see a dialog that shows the License Type, License Key, and Hardware ID.



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