System Owners and Administrators in Wave can create new users using either built-in roles or by creating a custom user role.

Wave has five (5) built-in user roles - System Owner, System Administrator, Advanced Viewer, Viewer, and Live Viewer.


Below are the built-in user roles and their related permissions.


System Owners and Administrators are the only users that can create Custom Roles in the Wave System. It allows them to customize access to specific System Resources with specific access rights.


To Create a Custom User Role

  1. Click on Main Menu and select New --> User.. and then select Edit Roles
    • Alternative: right click on Users in the Resource Panel and choose User Roles..
  2. Click on New Role
  3. In Role Info give your role a name.
  4. In Permissions select the global permissions you would like to give to this role:
    • Edit camera settings - allows users to use the Camera Settings dialog to modify camera settings.
    • Control video walls - allows users to view and control any Video Walls in the System
    • View event log - allows users to view Event logs in the System
    • View archive - allows users to view recorded/archived video
    • Export archive - allows users to export recorded/archived video from the System (must also have View archive rights)
    • View bookmarks - allows users to view Bookmarks (must also have View archive rights)
    • Modify bookmarks - allows users to create and modify Bookmarks (must also have View bookmarks right).
    • User Input - allows users to control PTZ cameras, trigger device outputs, use 2-Way Audio, and create and manage Soft Triggers.
  5. In the Cameras & Resources tab select the devices and System Resources you would like this role to have access to.
  6. In the Layouts tab - select any Layouts you would like this role to have access to.
  7. Press OK when finished to save the role.
    • The next time you open the User Roles dialog you will see this new Role.
    • This Role will now be available throughout the System.



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