WAVE: Using WAVE Server vs. NVR to record

There are two ways to record and view camera streams with WAVE: WAVE Server and Embedded NVR.

Since some of these difference in the performance can be critical decision factors, we recommended reviewing the differences thoroughly.


Differences WAVE Server Embedded NVR
Search methods

Smart Motion Search
Calendar Search
Preview Search
Keyword Search

Calendar Search
Keyword Search
Viewing Grid Sync Tile can be Un-Sync'ed (Tiles can playback different times) All views always view the same time 
Maximum playback access Unlimited 

3 (KB article)

Maximum backup access Unlimited

1 (KB article)

Camera settings Available from "Advanced" tab Not supported

- Advanced PTZ feature (area zoom)

- Virtual joystick

- Virtual joystick

Timeline population  No restrictions Only timelines with the latest overlap ID is read
Dynamic resolution scaling Appropriate resolution is displayed depending on the situation (i.e. If CPU resource reaches ~80%, tile resolution switches to Secondary resolution)  Always Primary resolution


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