Smart Viewer - Windows update from October 11, 2017

(Updated 11/20/17) 

Stable version has been released (version 4.9.5).

Please head over to to download the latest version.


(Updated 10/26/17) 

Please use below hotfix to address the issue.

Hotfix download: SmartViewer

This hotfix includes 32bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable.

If you'd like to report your findings with the hotfix, please email


After hotfix

Windows 7 32bit


Windows 7 64bit


Windows 10 64bit



(Updated 10/25/17) 

We're working on a hotfix that will:

  • Create new multi-language Excel file (.xlsx)
  • Add process to connect to OLEDB when ODBC connection fails.

Below are the systems we have tested so far with the hotfix and the results of the testing:

Hotfix download: SmartViewer_v4.9.4_171025_hotfix

(as of 10/25/17 1:30 PM EST / with SmartViewer_v4.9.4_171025.exe)
If you'd like to report your findings with the hotfix, please email


 (Updated 10/23/17) 

We are aware of a non-version specific issue with SmartViewer (SMV). It uses an excel format for multi-lingual information, but it cannot access that file due to a Windows update from October 11, 2017. The problem relates to certain text overlays improperly showing, which makes the application unusable for the following patch packages:

WIN7: KB4041681

WIN8: KB4041693

WIN10: KB4041676/KB4041691

A number of reports have been registered on the Microsoft website including our report.

If Microsoft remedies this, it will be cleared. If not, SMV will need to change its multi-lingual handling procedure and could take some time.

Below is a description of the issue and a temporary work around.

After starting SmartViewer, the login screen may look like this:


It may also show as two empty boxes with no indication of what to do. (login and password)

Other effects are missing text in the application like the image below.



Lastly, the application cannot shutdown and task manager needs to be used.

As a temporary work around, the update can be removed, but keep in mind that the computer is now at risk.

The update list can be found in the Control Panel under Programs and Features > Installed Updates.

After the uninstall, a reboot is required. SmartViewer will now be fully operational.



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