WAVE: Minimum NVR FW for WAVE

In order to provide our customers with most optimum user experience, we keep an active list of minimum NVR FW that we ask you to use with Wisenet WAVE.

We highly recommend using an NVR FW higher than below guideline.

Wisenet WAVE will not work with your NVR if the FW is lower than below versions.

To download latest NVR FW, please visit our website (


NVR Model FW version
PRN-4011 v1.08_171018
XRN-3010 v1.06_171010
XRN-2011 v1.06_171010
XRN-2010 v1.06_171010
XRN-1610S v1.06_171010
XRN-1610 v1.06_171010
XRN-810S v1.06_171010
XRN-410S v1.06_171010
QRN-810 v1.06_171010
QRN-410 v1.06_171010
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