Camera Installation using Internet Explorer 11

 Web-viewer Plug-in Installation

In some cases when connecting to  Hanwha / Samsung Network Cameras using IE-11, some setting in IE-11 may have to be changed.

After trying installing  the Web-viewer Plug-in a message like the one below is displayed repeatedly 

 Also a silver-light Plug-in installation message like the one below is displayed repeatedly whenever user connects to the camera setup menu. A request for re-installation happens because the  silver-light version supported by Internet Explorer 11 is different  than the version of silver-light provided by the camera's firmware

Remedy for the repeated Web-viewer Plug-in Issue

(Setup changes  Internet Explorer 11)

Document mode change to 10 or 7 (Windows 7 & 8.1)

Change the setting on Document mode and User agent string like the following picture below when the installation screen is displayed  after the camera is connected

 "F12 → Ctrl+8" or "F12 → click the icon in the lower end of left" Document mode : select "10 or 7"


Re-enter the address in the address bar to access the camera and check the video

In addition verify in Internet Options "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode" item is unchecked on Windows

- Menu Location :  The top menu → Tools → Internet Options → Advanced



Other considerations relating to Internet Explorer 11

Above steps should be changed for each user and every camera.

Compatibility mode should be added for each camera separate: "Tool → Compatibility View Settings" add to list


Full screen" function of Monitoring menu does not work or setup screen has no video

(Plug-in installation screen is displayed when the button is clicked) Silver-light Plug-in issue

A higher version of Silver-lite is needed


The latest version of Microsoft Silver-light can be installed by connecting to Microsoft's homepage

* URL :


How to remove Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 

If Windows 7,  Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Installed Updates

→ Internet Explorer 11 removal


If Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 Internet Explorer 11 can not be removed because it is a default browser


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