WAVE : Recording while a button is pressed or latched

Many scenarios, including police interview rooms often wish to record ONLY while a button is pressed or latched.  This can be easily accomplished in the Wisenet WAVE VMS using Wisenet IP cameras.  Note that the camera(s) to be recorded require a WAVE Professional license to allow recording.

The latching switch is connected to the alarm input of a camera.  In WAVE, it can be configured to record one or more cameras.

Configure the alarm input in the Wisenet camera so that the alarm input is enabled and set to Normally Open.



In WAVE, enable a license for the desired camera, but leave the schedule blank.  



Then, create a rule for the camera where the event input is Input Signal on Camera.  Some cameras have multiple alarm inputs so select the correct one or leave it at Automatic.  Some cameras have switchable digital I/O.  Make sure to configure the Input/Output type before adding the camera into WAVE.  If the camera has already been added and the type needs to be changed, delete the camera from WAVE, add it back in, and repeat the above steps.


Set the Action to Camera Recording.  Specify the camera(s) to record.  Uncheck Interval of action, so that it takes place instantly with no backoff period.   Specify the desired recording quality and frame rate.

If you wish the cameras to start/stop recording exactly according to the alarm input trigger, enter a time of 0 seconds for pre-recording & post-recording.  If you enter a time, it will pad the recording before and after the alarm input is triggered.

For example, if the pre & post recording is set to 5 seconds, and the alarm input is triggered for 1 minute, your recording would be 1 minute, 10 seconds in length.  If the pre & post recording is set to 0 seconds, and the alarm input is triggered for 1 minute, you would have 1 minute recorded.

When the alarm is not triggered, the timeline will be empty & the status icon will show a hollow red circle.  When the alarm is active, the red circle will be filled in to indicate active recording.





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