SNP-3371 OSD Time Error

1. Symptom

   Time on OSD is different from Time in web-viewer setup page.


2. Additional information

  - This symptom happened in Boston MBTA project on Jan, 06, 2016.

  - Camera firmware is 2.22_141105 but this symptom is not related to specific firmware version.

  - This is a firmware bug of SNP-3371TH. After year 2015, it goes to year 2000. Year 2017 displayed as 2001. 


3. Reason

  This symptom is caused by software bug. This can happen in all firmware versions 2.22 and below.

  OSD of this SNP-3371TH model is done in Tracking Board. So the other model doesn't have this problem.


4. Solution

  - HQ made beta firmware to solve this problem. (160203)

  - When you deploy this firmware, 'Tracking B/D' firmware version should be 1.97 or above.

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