Network Megapixel Bullet Camera



Tech Tip Series

Date: 6/20/2011 No. TTS-1

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Network Megapixel Bullet Camera


TECH TIP SUBJECT: Simplified Focus/Zoom/Field-of-View Setup

To realize the full benefit of the SNO-5080R mega pixel camera, the zoom and focus adjustments must be set accurately at the time of installation. The SNO-5080R is equipped with a removable front cover (1) that allows access to the manual zoom (2) and focus (3) levers. A two pin PCB type video output connector (4) is available so that a portable monitor (5) can be connected using the provided test monitor BNC to two pin connector cable (6).

Note: This video output is designed for local video adjustments and not for monitoring purposes.

To adjust the zoom factor or focus

1. Remove the front cover by rotating it CCW.

2. Loosen the zoom and focus lever set screws approximately two turns CCW.

3. Use the levers to adjust the zoom and focus lens to achieve the desired image.

4. Tighten the zoom and focus lever set screws to lock the assembly at the adjusted position.

5. Reinstall the front cover by rotating is CW until it is almost fully seated. The yellow arrow on the cover and the white arrow on the camera body will almost be aligned. It is necessary to rotate the front cover another 1/8–1/4 turn to ensure that sealing gasket (7) makes good contact with the cover.

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. This may distort and/or damage the gasket.






NOTE: Levers are "set screw" type. Do not loosen (CCW) more than two turns from the fully tightened position or the levers may fall out and be lost. Do not pry on the levers to adjust. Use of the thumb and forefinger is recommended. After the adjustments are complete, securely tighten both levers (do not over tighten) and recheck the focus.

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