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PRODUCT CATEGORY: Network Camera Peripherals


TECH TIP SUBJECT: POE Powered Microphone Application

A customer submitted an application spec to Hanwha requiring the use of an outdoor active microphone able to be powered by the CAT5/6 cable connected to the camera. (e.g. a separate microphone power supply was not an option)

There are 3rd party products that can be used to meet this requirement. While Hanwha does not, as a matter of policy, endorse 3rd party products as Hanwha has no control over the design/production process below is an example of such a product that has been tested here in our NJ offices.



ETS Outdoor Microphone Setup

1. 22 gauge two conductor shielded wire is needed between the passive SMEA1 PoE camera microphone interface and the microphone itself

a. Attach the red conductor to the +12 terminal

b. Attach the black conductor to the Audio terminal

c. Attach the shield to the COM terminal

2. Connections for the RJ45 ports

a. Port labeled camera will be a CAT 6 jumper from that port to the Camera

b. Port labeled equipment will be a CAT 6 jumper from that port to the switch

3. Connect audio out from the ETS SMEA1 audio out port to the Camera’s mic port with a male to male 3.5 mm cable

4. For further information on cable runs, gain level, and audio output level please consult the manufacturer’s manual


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