DVR/NVR and Router Port Forward Setting Requirements





TECH TIP SUBJECT: DVR/NVR and Router Port Forward Setting Requirements

In order for Hanwha's DVRs/NVRs to establish and maintain proper network connections ALL the involved ports must be port forwarded on the network. If port 80 and only one additional port, such as 554, is opened, it will not work.

A) Port ranges and functions:

the typical DVR/NVR Connection Mode programming screen. If the unit is not successfully connecting through to the public network, check the following points:

a. Port (TCP) range is correctly entered. Must be five (5) sequential ports

b. Router port range is set to the same value AND all five (5) router ports are set to Port Forward.

c. Webviewer Port is set to 80.

NOTE: If a different port range needs to be assigned, the same range must be programmed in the DVR/NVR and the router. The router ports must be set to port forward.

Some report that a user had difficulty maintaining connection when port range 554-558 was used. Changing the range to 4520 - 4524 resolved the issue. Likely, there was some other network conflict.


It is recommended to check the current settings in the setup menu of the unit to verify what ports are being used.












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