SNO-6084R Micro SD Card Access




TECH TIP SUBJECT: Micro SD Card Access

The SNO-6084R is shipped with a 4gB Class 6 micro-SD card installed. The pre-installed card is suitable for recording up to 30FPS. A class 10 card is required for frame rates above 30FPS. This information is included in the User Manual as can be seen in the screen shot below.


Because of the design of this model the micro SD card is not user accessible. As can be seen in the pictures below significant disassembly is required.

Unless a person is experienced with this type of disassembly there is a high potential to lose/damage the screws and/or damage the connectors and wires. Damage from electrostatic discharge also is a possibility unless the work area is properly designed for static control.

Improper re-assembly would comprise the water resistant design. In both cases any resulting damage would not be covered under the warranty.






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