Just like any of our network PTZ cameras you can set: presets, a home position, group these presets, and setup a sequence/tour with dwell time. Your presets would be first determined by the de-warped mode you place it in.


1. Choose your de-warp view.

Your choices of views are:

• Quad View

• Double Panorama

• Single Rectangle

If you place it in a quad view you will then be able to set presets and a home position controlling each individual quadrant, the same goes for double panoramic segments.

Note: These presets and views would then ONLY be accessible from the de-warped profiles.


2. Navigate to Basic > DPTZ setup

a. Setting Presets

i. Drag the Omni-directional button and pan/tilt the view to the desired position

A. If you are using a quad or double panoramic view use the “Quadrant” dropdown to

select that quadrant and begin to position it.

ii. You may also drag the + and – slide bar to digitally zoom in and zoom out of that view

iii. Under the Preset Setup section use the dropdown to select the preset number to assign the view

to, give it a name and click add.

iv. You may also set a home position by orienting the camera’s view and clicking the icon that has a

house with a gear



b. Grouping Presets for Tours

i. Select a group number to place presets under

ii. Select the preset to place in that group

iii. Define a dwell time and click add and repeat until you have the desired order for your presets

iv. To save the group click the “Set” button







You can then begin and terminate the digital tour using the “Start” and “Stop” button on the setup screen



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