SSM - Recorder Software License


SSM Video Management Software License Keys SSM‐RS00L (16), SSM‐RS10L (36) and SSM‐RS20L (72)

Software License Requirements and Registration Process


The SSM RS recording server application is provided separately from the license keys. A license key(s) must be purchased in order to activate the recording server application. Three license key versions are available as shown in the table below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SENECA servers purchased from Hanwha come pre‐loaded with the SSM‐RS application but not the required license key. The license key must be purchased separately and can be ordered concurrently with the SENECA server or at a later time as may be required to match the installation timing.


The sixteen (16) device Trial Version license key (SSM‐RS00L) is available free‐of‐charge by following the registration request procedure listed in “Section B” below.


  • Only one (1) Trial Version can be installed per server
  • A server running the “Trial Version” can be upgraded to the SSM‐RS10L or SSM‐RS20L (paid versions).

When a paid version is installed, the trial version is deleted and the total device availability is that of the paid version. (Note: Only one (1) paid version license can be installed per server.)

A)    SSM‐RS10L and SSM‐RS20L Order and Registration Process


The license keys are provided via a web based server. There is no physical dongle or CD shipment. For security purposes the name and email address of the person to whom the license key and download link is to be sent must be included on the Purchase Order submitted to Hanwha.

The next business day after the order is processed an email will be sent to the email address on the PO containing the download and installation instructions.



    1. The email is sent from the Hanwha HQ server in Korea. Some email systems may flag that domain as SPAM or Junk Mail. In this case the recipient should be sure to check those folders.
    2. Because the email contains the license key code Hanwha is not able to see or resend the email. Please be sure the recipient saves the email for future reference.
    3. Only one (1) license key can be installed on the recording server.
    4. If an application requires more than (72) devices supported by the SSM‐RS20L, please contact the Hanwha Sales Application Engineering team for assistance in creating a customized environment that can support multiple license keys.

A)    SSM‐RS00L Free‐of‐Charge License Request and Registration Process


Because the free‐of‐charge license does not require a Purchase Order, the fulfillment process is different as listed below.


  • Click on:  to reach The Software Downloads page.
    • Select the box of the software you would like to request (in this case SSM Recording Server) and click the “promotion download” option. (Note: If you have not obtained the SSM Professional, free version, be sure to check that box.)
  • The Personal Information of Trial Version User page will pop up.
  • Complete ALL fields and check the “Yes, I agree” box. Then click “Submit”.

The request will be sent to the Trial License administrator for processing. You will receive an email in 2‐3 days with the trial license information.



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