Considerations when recommending SSM

Considerations when recommending SSM


To avoid future issues and dissatisfied customers, please read the short message below. When recommending SSM 1.4 instead of Smart Viewer, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Standalone installations are only suitable for very small sized projects or demonstrations. (Install all of the modules on a single PC (System Manager, Media gateway, Console, Configuration Manager))
  • Official Limitation in standalone mode is less than 36 Channels @CIF or 8 Channels @ 1080P
  • When separating the media gateway from the console and installing it on a separate PC, each media gateway can manage up to 72 channels if installed standalone, regardless of resolution.

The above limitations are with PCs exceeding the minimum specifications as below.


System Manager & Media Gateway

Console & Configuration Manager


Intel Core i7-4770@3.40GHz

Intel Core i7-4770@3.40GHz


8GB or higher

8GB or higher


1HDD (larger than 500GB)

1HDD (larger than 20GB)

Graphic Card

1024MB Video Memory or higher    per monitor

Geforce GTX560 GPU, 1024MB Video Memory or higher per monitor


Windows7   32bit/64bit,

Windows8   32bit/64bit,

Windows8.1 32bit/64bit,

Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit,

Windows Server 2012 32bit/64bit

Windows7   32bit/64bit,

Windows8   32bit/64bit,

Windows8.1 32bit/64bit

 A second overlooked limitation is dewarping:

  • Dewarping fisheye cameras on a single monitor, the official limitation is only  6 images at the same time 

Many customers are using SSM with a single PC setup on systems larger than recommended. In many cases it seems to work.  However, our experience is that the system will become unstable over time and possibly crash. A beefy PC may help a little, but eventually we are dealing with resources controlled by the operating system.


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